We believe in the importance of art education, in its ability to unite communities. We believe everyone should be able to explore their inner artist regardless of income level.

Wakadoodles, LLC offers an environment for children to explore their artistic side as well as provide an environment where families and friends can interact together in a creative space. Come help grow the community by joining us in whatever program fits you and your family. 

Owned and Operated by Ryan and Priya Allaire.

Located in Keene, NH, Wakadoodles, LLC engages the community with its diverse art projects and art driven events. This open art studio offers a safe, friendly environment where children and adults create unique crafts and keepsakes in a community that values its families.



Happy first day of Spring! Hoping the snow melts soon and we can all get out and play! 

So, unfortunately upon my return from a long awaited trip to India (picture to the left), I found out that our landlord on Norway Ave. would like to lease our space to the business currently located behind us. Unfortunately, that means we have to find a new location as soon as possible.

I am not sure what the immediate solution is, but I will continue to run programs through April. I am currently seeking a temporary solution to continue the programs in May, while I look for a new space. I have some possibilities in the works, but am anticipating being in limbo until early April. This is not the most ideal situation, but I am truly looking forward to new adventures in WakaDoodle world:)


Go Ahead. it’s okay. explore your inner artist.




WakaDoodles, LLC offers a variety of classes. After School Programs, Mindfulness for children & Adults & Kids Yoga & specialty classes.


Private PArties

Have something to celebrate? Birthdays, Girls Nights, Showers? Choose the painting or project you want and call to schedule your own private event!


Drop-In Studio at WakaDoodles, LLC is open to adults & children who want to have studio time for themselves.

Explore the current projects or create your own art! Call to schedule your studio time and discuss all your artistic options!

Drop-in is by appointment only