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Who Are We?

Located in Keene, NH, Wakadoodles, LLC engages the community with its diverse art projects and art driven events. This open art studio offers a safe, friendly environment where children and adults create unique crafts and keepsakes in a community that values its families.

Wakadoodles, LLC will offer a new environment for children to explore their artistic side as well as provide an environment where families and friends can interact together in a creative space. Come help grow the community by joining us in whatever program fits you and your family. 

Owned and Operated by Ryan and Priya Allaire.


Ditteke Ederveen-Gorman

Hi, my name is Ditteke Ederveen-Gorman and I am a mindfulness coach. I live in Keene, NH with my husband Josh, my son Parker, my daughter Fiona and our dog Rufus. I am currently teaching Radiant child® family yoga and mindfulness at the YMCA in Keene as well as caring for my family.

I was born in the Netherlands and have lived throughout Europe my whole childhood. When I was nineteen I moved to Los Angeles were I went to The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Lee Strasberg institute and UCLA (graduated in Communications). Upon graduating I pursued a career in modeling and acting. I also started painting children’s murals and portraits, which later turned into my own company Dpoppen. After spending 12 years in Los Angeles I moved to Miami, where I became a mom and had my son Parker. This was a major turning point in my life. I started diving into a new career that involved Conscious Discipline® and Radiant child® yoga for kids. Not long after my training I was teaching yoga in Parker’s pre-school “Skipping Stones” and families at various yoga studios. I found my joy in life and it was teaching kids the skills to be mindful, helpful and regulate their feelings through Radiant® child yoga and conscious discipline® skills. I love to connect with children and expand their awareness, so they can embrace their uniqueness and become the best they can be. Research has shown over and over again that breathing correctly and concentrating on your breath has powerful results: less stress, increased awareness, less violence and more cooperation between kids, better grades and more peace within. It is my goal to work with schools and families to help build a peaceful, loving community. Our kids are our future, it’s important we give them the tools for success.

I created the “I am mindful program” to bring peace into our community. This is established through daily mindful breathing practices and movements. What we focus on we get more of. So we tend to focus on positive intentions that set the day so we can be the best we can be. The importance of commitment, thankfulness, respect, expressing one’s feelings and making healthy choices for our mind, body and soul are all integrated in the program. This program makes every child love its own uniqueness: it’s ok to be you, you are unique and that is beautiful. The “I am mindful” program boosts the child’s brain potential, encourages cooperation and caring, increases attention and decreases power struggles and promotes learning and literacy.

Art Inspired

Wakadoodles is inspired by all art forms in all different mediums. Whether it be pottery, painting, crafting, sculpture…you name it and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

Family Driven

Family is what drives us! We are excited to offer a new outlet where families can interact and create even more wonderful memories together.

Community Focused

We are honored to be part of this community and are proud to be a venue where the community can interact in a positive, safe environment.

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